look art preparing to launch

I have been working on a MUD curatorial now for over a year and it is finally scheduled to launch on July 16. This is quite exciting and quite a relief. I am still toiling over the curatorial statement, but have got three fine artists who will be presented when we launch.

This project will be the latest effort of Ars Virtua, a look back at the roots of MMO’s and what I hope will be a serious consideration of immersion. Anyhow, I have hired a terrific docent to provide some gallery sitting and am honing the instructions to make logins friendly from the web, via telnet/mud client, and over the phone system. My phone app is just a telnet app for my ancient iPod touch though and the web gateway is having problems with most browsers (but curiously works really well with safari on the iPod). This project has been one trial after another with technologies that fail and being bounced around on servers.

Thankfully CADRE has stepped in and will be hosting us for the two years we are committed to presenting it. I am not sure exactly what will happen to it afterward, I hope there is some way to archive the code in a way that it can be easily resurrected. This of course is the issue with legacy platforms. Thankfully our MUD, TinyMUX, is open source so I shall probably just bundle it up and make it a download.

The next steps are pretty straight forward, finish the website, host a party, staff the gallery. It has been far too long since AV has had an opening. I am even looking for some manner of opening night entertainment so people don’t actually have to look at the art.

I shall make a proper post as the site prepares to launch, I am happy to share credentials with people who are interested in testing the environment as well.