Music in Boston

I was going to call this post Boston music, but I realized that the music I listened to was just in Boston and not all from Boston. This music was brought to you and me by the incredible Sooz. It is a delight to be able to hang out with someone so well connected and fun (she also knows cool places to eat, but that will be a separate post).

in chronological order

in Harvard Square cool little street music festival, the hosts were dressed in historical re-enactment costumes, and my joke was that that was just the way the kids dressed these days to irritate the olders:

Old Jack (listen)  @oldjackmusic  This band was a lot of fun, especially the do-wop gals and the fun way they mixed their music, I also really liked the cover that they played which highlighted the do-wops as lead.

The Rationales (listen) @TheRATIONALES These fellows have a real polished set and the lead singer emotes wonderfully.

at Toad

Comanchero (listen) @comanchero This self-described jam band totally does jam! The atmosphere at Toad was awesome too, these guys packed into a little stage spilled over and used just enough cowbell.

at Digital Bear Studios

Good Night, States (listen)   There is also a good sized list on Spotify. @GoodNightStates (from Pittsburgh) This band played the night before I left in a studio with Bowie records on the wall.  Their style and guitar rotation was quite entertaining, and the keyboards, or rather the variety of keyboards was super sweet.  They toyed with the edge of video game music at times, but held back with their strong lyrics and guitars.  What a fun band.

Okay back to serious topix.