Make Games at SJSU

Overview: The goal of this curriculum is to provide 21st century development tools and skills for students studying in any major at SJSU and to be enable them to apply game design, game studies and games use within their chosen field. We believe that this will make them more marketable and provide greater opportunities both within and outside of the games industry. Our focus is to encourage a depth of knowledge within a chosen field and the cultivation and connection of game development skills within their chosen field and a healthy portfolio.

We need your help: please distribute this as widely as possible and encourage others to do so. The success of this program will impact both the Faculty Learning Community and the research goals of the Learning and Games Initiative. Our research goals include student developers, and rely on a steady flow of talent through the course structure.

We are looking for the broadest, most diverse group of students from all majors possible.  All of these courses are open to graduate students.

Spring Classes:

Art 108 – Introduction to Game Studies. Read about, write about, play and design games. This course is open to any major and requires no previous game design or coding experience.  Students develop one paper and one video based game with the option to develop a third game of their choice. Prerequisite Upper division standing or permission of instructor MoWe 6pm – 8:50, instructor James Morgan,

Art 175 – Develop a professional quality game. Teams will develop games for researcher / product owners. The intent is to design portfolio quality public games as part of a student team. Pre-requisite upper division standing, experience in CS, CE, 3D art, project management, QA or other related skill or by instructor permission. MoWe 6pm – 8:50, instructor JP Bruneau,

CS185C  Section 3: Game Engines-  Learn how to use the Unity3D Engine, a commonly used game engine that supports PC, Mac, iOS, and Android.  Students will create their own 3D games using the Unity3D engine. Taught by Jared Finder, a professional Video Game developer from Cryptic Studios.  Open to artists with 3D modeling experience and programmers with basic programming experience or instructor consent. MoWe 4:30-5:45, instructor Jared Finder

CS134: Computer Game Design –  Architectures and object-oriented patterns for computer game design. Animation, simulation, user interfaces, graphics, and intelligent behaviors. Team projects using an existing game engine framework.  Prerequisite CS 146 and either CS 151 or CMPE 135, 10:30-11:45 instructor Soon Tee Teoh.

image Aimee Santos