Boxing Day Projects

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Classes finished and grades were due on December 21st. In the span of four days since then I have picked up a few projects and have started fishing through previous requests that came in which I was unable to fully deal with because of the semester.

I realized that I have exactly a week this year to play around, to tweek and toy with things until I have to get serious again. With that in mind I am working hard during the xmas – NYE time to get as much done as possible because after that it is really about deadlines again.



Game Design Studio Class (Art 175) needs students

The Game Dev Studio Class (also known as Art 175) needs enrollment.

Because of the budget problems (prop 30 didn’t save everything), low enrollment classes are due to be cut by Dec 15. If you can sign up please do, better yet if you know you can take the class we are looking for good designers, coders, artists, and producers.

BIG games will be made in teams with a high profile product owner. Our goal is to get published research, games and fame out of this.

The class ran successfully this semester with our Research “Product Owner” SRI International. These are the folks who actually invented the internet. SRI will be continuing in the spring semester and our goal is to get research published based on the work.

I am happy to answer questions or you can contact the instructor directly