Digital to Physical – a workflow

This is basically the plan for an Art 74 3D module for Fall 2013.

The process is basically left to right, with the goal of getting to finish/present.

Production software includes: Minecraft, Blender (or really any 3D software) and Sketchup. Students will be required to show building competence in Minecraft (for its social aspects and as a critique platform) and Sketch-up. Substitutions for sketch-up can include anything from Maya to Blender depending on the individual experience. Original work for the class needs to be made in each space, but groupwork is possible in MC.

Processing should pass through meshlabs, but that is not 100% necessary, it will function to do file translation though for any of the file formats.

Output modes include paper-crafting and 3D printing. Paper crafting permits two very interesting output modes, the over-sized printer which allows color and large models, and the laser which can perform all cutting and even scoring which reduces time on smaller models. Our 3D printer can be utilized as well, though there is no guarantee of function. Finally Shapeways can be used as a service bureau, but the delay may be very long on prints and there is an added expense involved.

The purpose of this project series is to connect students to digital processes and material constraints based on design. To extend and intersect ideas of technology and art and to find the place of creative innovation and the extension of traditional media.