a few more blogs

These students were either in the art section or the cs section, for the most part their experience is the same and when they work together the results can be stunning. Here are a few more blogs that I thought were interesting:

L2PlayL2Play – artist who produced a game prototype for the final. I think the paper prototyping is the most interesting entry as it shows a nice evolution and growth of a game.  I am also encouraged by her persistance in beating “This Is The Only Level” and that she found easter eggs in QWOP.
Screen Shot 2013-12-23 at 20.37.34
geisler-development – really interesting collaborative final prototype with arduino and fashion. His simulation of the paper prototype also goes real far towards understanting the game.  He also participated in game jams and hackathons during the semester, though I am sad it did not get represented here.
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Desiree charts the evolution of a board game from initial prototype, through multiple play sessions to the beautiful project that she (and Kevin) presented for their final.  You can see the arts influence in the work in that it is really polished.  Will this be published?
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CS108 Blog – the flow through this blog is kind of nice, it is interesting to compare the experience of the art vs the cs major in the class as they all experience essentially the same content.  This final project is a zombie shooter.
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Game Design – I was particularly interested in Mitch’s consideration of gender and race in video games and his attempt to make sense of it for himself. He also made an interesting video retrospective of FEAR,  its mechanics and storyline.
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Game – this student finished with a four player snake game. The game itself is a nice little prototype, and creating the mechanic makes it somewhat straight-forward to duplicate it, but making a four player game is ambitious.  Playtesting went well and now the big question is how to get this into an arcade cabinet, oh yah and art.
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Art 108 – Melanie did a survey about gender, ethnicity and sexual orientation with her tumblr community and our class. My favorite outcome of hers what with regard to the questions she asks and how they can contain assumptions and even judgements. Interesting results too.
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sweethorrorgaming – this was Michael’s first semester as a transfer student into the DMA program. I liked the idea of modding the tutorial, but this collaborative work really ended up being interesting. The final game presents an interesting prototype, and the rest of his blog is also worth a read.
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Cong Lu’s Game World – Cong Lu is one of the DMA grad students and it is so very evident in her work, beyond her background in CS she really did get the projects and excelled at them. Her final “sloth” was designed from the ground up in Unity.  She has an interesting perspective on UI and always seems to come up with something new. Additionally she participated in the Neurosky Hackathon and the Silicon Valley Innovation Challenge.