friday was Works-y

Downtime from First Friday made for an excellent evening. I realized that I was trundling through some of the history of Works San Jose when I ended up at our old 3rd street location for the show Saying Things @ Seeing Things




I joked with people on Facebook that reading is so last century and that I just experienced the writing on the work formally.  Oddly this is half true, it was interesting seeing the response of other people as they read the work, but for me in an art gallery it is less about the specifics of the content (the writing in this case) and more about the aesthetic experience.  The writing is mundane, humerous, obsessive and borders on stream of conscious if it werent for the fact that these things must take some time to produce. As a wall the white on black works, as a form the way they are mounted in columns creates an interesting space and as art they are interesting.
DSCF6237Folowing that I made my way to the Works San Jose members show closing and annual meeting. There was something really compelling about the hodge podge zeitgeist of the SV artists represented.  The kids drawing bordered on insulting, but contained a charm that harkened towards some of the work at Kaleid’s Two Buck Tuesday. It was fun to circle round and round the gallery not worried about missing something related to the body of work.

I didn’t even take notice of the fact that I was able to have a conversation with Brian.  Why did it feel so strange?  Well, with no First Friday Brian & Cheri were able to get out and see work instead of having to tend the gallery. I wish this could happen more, but understand why it just cannot be anything but a rare treat.