My Political Feminist BS

I had the pleasure of co-authoring a chapter over break with Yagiz Mungan about our work in Minecraft as it relates to the arts and gaming.

Yagiz was such a pleasure to work with, and as far as I can tell our writing styles and working schedules combine well. I hope the chapter ends up being successful though I have to give up all rights to it in order to get it published (another rant perhaps).

Anyhow we were dividing, organizing and writing and I ended up dropping an inspirational quote into one of the areas.  I think it was Scott Adams, and I have to confess I was just trying to see if I liked the format or if it would be a distraction.  I rolled this around for a few days and it occured to me to ask myself: “what exactly are we doing with these quotes?”  It didn’t feel right. Upon further reflection (and especially after screening Anita Sarkeesian’s videos for my game studies class) that I should be using quotes by a woman.

“This shouldn’t be difficult…” I remember thinking. Boy was I wrong.  I ended up fishing around on the internet and consulting our librarian before I was able to fine significant quotes BY women rather than ABOUT women. About has a nice list of Quotes by Women and I located a great book in the library.

In the end I think we had four quotes, and now we wait to see if the editor notices our little subversion or if the style even matches with the rest of the work. It is the least I could do.

I realized sometime during the break that I am part of the problem, and this is a tiny step to create a shift in MY thinking.