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Games and Playing Games

I just had an amazing experience with a game and the gamification of one single bit of information. (Thursday 3/20)

The game was Out of Body as run at Swissnex as part of GDC.  The game was delightful.  We got into line to avoid the crowd, and I started talking with Sarah who was reading the great gatsby in line ahead of me. It was for a course she was taking which saddened me. I flirted with the ladies as they walked past us and then something amazing happened.

A gentlemen came by and offered us membership.  Membership included a black t-shirt and cutsies into line for the t-shirt owner and a +1. Sarah and I bought shirts and I laughed and joked about the “in app purchase” that took us to the experience ahead of others.

We played the game, it did not dissapoint. A little bit of pain, a little disorientation and in the end a diagnosis.  You were either infected or you were not.  My +1 Kelsey was declared free of infection, but I realized that my jacket sleeve conveniently covered my wristband.

One single bit of information… yes or no.

We played a game for the next two hours, a social game, a logic game, a princess bride game about my status.  One single bit of information, which I pointed out that I may or may not know, became the focus of an asymmetric game.

I asked Kelsey to make a declaration when he got on his bus, but that he should consider lying. He said he was not a good liar, so I took this into account when he departed. I expect to be infected, somehow I want to be infected, I can find out by looking but I have not.

He said, “You are infected” as he boarded his bus and it is the most amazing words I have heard in as long as I can remember. I really liked the answer.  Did he lie to me?  Did he feed into my desire, my delusion?  What does it even mean to be infected.

This, this is a most amazing game.  Build evidence, share an experience and then hide one single bit of information.

I shall know soon, but I do not know now.

(later) When I found out I was not disappointed.

robot battle game

game board

1) Place a piece on the board (you start with 2 pieces each)
2) Pick up resources, each resource you have give you +1 on die rolls
3) Move 1 space then attack (if possible)- you must have a resource to be able to attack
4) If you are supported in your attack you roll 1 extra die ( formula is # of robots +1)
5) Roll two dice, highest wins
6) attacker wins ties, winner takes resource or kills if no resources