robot battle game

game board

1) Place a piece on the board (you start with 2 pieces each)
2) Pick up resources, each resource you have give you +1 on die rolls
3) Move 1 space then attack (if possible)- you must have a resource to be able to attack
4) If you are supported in your attack you roll 1 extra die ( formula is # of robots +1)
5) Roll two dice, highest wins
6) attacker wins ties, winner takes resource or kills if no resources


5 thoughts on “robot battle game

    • I should also say that it is always interesting to build something that you know sucks into a paper prototype and see where it goes. It is easy enough to update the rules if it is terrible.

      • No offense meant, I was just thinking in the RTS/re-enactment sort of mind: logically it would seem if a battle was a draw, the attacker would not dislodge the opponent with homefield advantage. Of course that encourages defense and I see the mechanic you are employing. Or as a great man once said “Puhll de strreengs! Puhll de strreengs!”

    • I realized that the next time I demo this I am going to intentionally put in a rule that I know is horrible so I can change it when we realize how much it sucks. Clearly this is not that rule, but I shall try harder.

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