Game of Images

Let the game begin.

5MZ6JThis one is then a Rorschach Test.


and the first response


and the response, truly I see the meaning in the interpretation…

The return:


and the reply:


I took your mirror self portrait as a portrait of a portrait.  Circle, white, fairly formal. The colors even match up pretty well.

Who did better? My opponent was kind enough to suggest it was me and I agreed because that ended the game.  Assumedly it would go to sudden death or another round. It would be interesting to try to continue some sense of meaning across the images.

In the end, I love my opponent’s pictures, they create a real sense of place, “trapped in an office apparently.”

What would I do to change this?  I wonder if we could play tag, or rock-paper-scissors, or the prisoners delimma, ooh next time.