CADRE and Game Dev at Futur en Seine 2014

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 12.26.47

The CADRE is going to exhibit at Futur en Seine 2014, so if you are in the Paris area from June 12-15 please stop in and talk to G. Craig Hobbs. It will also be a chance to play some games from SJSU.

The following games will be on site:



Developed in 48 hours as part of the Global Game Jam this platforming cooperative game embraces the theme “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.” The game is fun and a fundamentally cooperative two player game.  This one also plays really well on the arcade cabinet.  Designed by Gavin Higham, Henry Tran, Vincent Brubaker-Gianakos, Will Clark. Jan 2014

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 12.40.16

Clashing Code

This well polished fighting game has some beautiful quirks to it and plays well with a controller or on an arcade cabinet.  This game was completed for the Fall 2013 fighting game challenge at the Game Development Club at SJSU. Designed by Glenn Pham, John Pham, Kristi Loo, Travis Tran, Daniel Wilson and Chris Lindsay.


Furry Beatdown

Created in the spring of 2014 for the CS 185C course taught by JP Bruneau at SJSU this game is a beautiful little 2.5 D sidescroller and was very popular when debuted at Maker Faire 2014. Designed by Andrew Puentes, Amber Wong, Byron Custodio, Erikson Bautista.


Prismic Shift

The latest version of a very satisfying Shmup (shoot-em up) with a different approach to ship control. The player always faces the anchor point which lets them move and turn at the same time. You have a limited number of bullets (which do not effect other players in co-op) and when you run out of bullets you detonate your ship with a very satisfying cascading explosion that, if played right, will get you a bonus ship.  Be careful though explosions can effect other players in coop. Designed by Aru Azumaya.


Taking Candy From A Baby

A really charming point and click for one player that was also developed for Global Game Jam 14. In this game you run an animal posse trying to solve a mystery. Each of your cohort has a different view of the world and can see different clues as you move along Scooby-style to bring justice to the hotel guests.  Designed by Andrew Puentes, Harish Kothandapani, Kristi Loo, Robert Quinn, Ricky Oliver, Angelica Cabanlit, and Antonio Jimenez.

Last and certainly not least is the arcade launcher software written by Matt Hoffman. This little unity program has been very helpful through Makerfaire and SubZero in addition to the day to day goings on of the Game Dev Club. I shall be sad when it goes away.