Arcade Cabinet Work at Tech Shop

This is an overview of what happened at the TechShop from June 9 to June 11 2014 by members of the Game Development Club at SJSU.  Team members included:  Angelica Cabanlit, Erin Gunderud, Matthew Hoffman, James Morgan, Andrew Puentes. (With special appearances by Antonio Jimenez, Kelsey Higham, & Kristi Loo).


Plans will follow after we know that they are successful.  Probably on Instructables.Day 1 Arcade Rebuild

Here is the materials layout from Matt who did the full Sketchup re-design of the cabinets:

cabinet plan 3 sheetsNote that the middle sheet leaves room for cutting a second control panel just in case…

It fascinated me the way the files were translated into Shopbot pseudo G-code, particularly the economy of the shapes.  You can see below that the files baloon in size (can you say balloon with a 166k file) when vents are added.  I don’t think there is any need to go in and adjust these except that they add to the tool time as well.  This implies to me that the file size is also an indicator of the job duration.Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 1.26.03

This is some of the actual code, very simple to read and very very visualizable. The data is in inches (check the parameters) and arcs, I am unsure what arcs refers to here, but expect to find

So I managed to nearly destroy one of the sheets of plywood, it seems that V-Carve inserts an offset automatically when importing from Adobe Illustrator, it is sort of funny too as when I mentioned this to the dreamcoaches they were “that thing is the devil, it cost me 8 feet of vinyl.”

I was able to re-arrange (which required cutting two of the pieces (floor and back panel) in half and was able to cut all the remaining pieces from the scrap and the other sheet.  We may have missed one piece, but it can be liberated from the remaining scrap.


Here is the mess that is the wiring of the Winnitron:


And the Winnitron in mid-repair:

Winnitron SJ - working onThe Winnitron made it back home with a newly painted control panel in the TechShop SJ lobby.


New Cabinet

A brief chronology of the latest cabinet build, starting with the results of the Shopbot cut:

DSCF6364Matt & Andrew begin the build:DSCF6367

The new cabinet made it back to the Game Lab:

Finally three generations of arcade cabinets, side by side (note that the new one is about 1 inch shorter.


I want to express my gratitude to Cody McCabe and TechShopSJ for hosting us for the three days that took to build out this project. Only two of us had any building experience, but by the end of our three days we were all furniture makers.  We have a LOT of followup to do, including adding some branding to all three cabinets and adding some hardware to the new cabinet.

I also need to thank the CADRE Laboratory for New Media and the Department of Art & Art History for material support.  Matt Hoffman deserves special recognition for his modeling / sketch up / illustrator work as well as his building and engineering skills.

We have great plans for the new cabinet, which is going to be beautiful when it is done (it is already pretty handsome).