Games to Play in July


Why do I want to play these games?

1) Cosmic Encounter – because earlier editions of this game were simply the most fun I have ever had in a boardgame and I want to know if I should go ahead and sink cash into the expansions.

2) Battlestar Galactica – the mechanism of asymmetry and (potentially) adding cylons halfway thru the game is intriging.

3) Diplomacy – is such an immense classic where the players decisions control all outcomes.  This is to say that there are no dice rolls, but beware this game has also caused the most friendship breakups of any board game in its 50+ year history.

4) Nomic (not pictured) – Peter Suber’s classic game of self amendment, a rules game where the rules are they playing field and all of the potential paradoxes that that implies.

When do I want to play?  The month of July is set aside for madness, I shall undoubtedly also play “Are You a Werewolf” expecially at conventions, and am thinking about Thursdays because it is a game night during the semester. Let me know if you would like to play and are in San Jose.