Orwell Updates for 2015


Hello Citizens and Guests,

I am writing this to you as your humble server administrator to let you know of some technical plans and to suggest a social agenda for 2015.

As always, to keep up on the news, make sure you are subscribed to the server list: http://bit.ly/cadremc and that you are getting the occasional email.  Server status and voice channel information are generally available here as well as the current IP address.

On or around January 3rd the Orwell server will be shut down. By then we should have a complete backup, but in anticipation of an update to 1.8 I shall be “archiving” and removing regions that have not had much traffic in 2014 or before as well as the “long treks” of exploration. This is being done to reduce the memory footprint of the world. If you know you have one (or more) of areas you should use Dinnerbone’s coordinate tool https://dinnerbone.com/minecraft/tools/coordinates/ to figure out what region you are in and enter it into the Orwell claim list: http://bit.ly/orwell-claim — note that in the future this will be a perk of citizenship (explained further on).

The server will be OFFLINE for a minimum of one week, during this time files will be cleaned up, archived, and paired down. (if you want to help with this is may actually be faster).

The server will likely be relaunching as 1.8 and in amazon’s cloud. This will have several immediate consequences if it is successful:

1) the server cap will be reduced, and elastically expanded to reflect concurrent use.
2) the server will be able to host larger events
3) citizens may request a boost in the cap to accommodate their events

This does mean that we shall be “self-hosting” and will undoubtedly create some problems down the road, but our current host does not support the software I want to run (1.8 Spigot) which means we won’t have support even if we don’t change hosts.

This also means that I will be looking for more “op” assistance to maintain the world, and levels of responsibility in-game for day to day maintenance.

In order to support a more robust culture on the server I am recommending that transition to “in world” governance. This aligns well with much of the research I have been a part of with Ars Virtua and Third Faction.  The goal of this will be to create a world that encapsulates all of its rules and can be backed up and even forked if necessary.

This will begin with some new rules regarding citizenship and the privileges and duties associated with it. I am expecting this to take a while to hash out, but my goal is to make this self sustaining and flexible.

After a proper period of reconciliation with the rules of the server, I expect an election will take place to choose leadership to represent us.

This will undoubtedly create some questions about leadership vs administration, which I have a lot to say about, but am committed to working out.

Anyhow, I do envision administration eventually working for the leadership if we are able to keep things together, and perhaps even a touch of sustainability thrown in for good measure.

The floor is open for comments, motion is sure but slow. I like my governments to operate slow and in the open.