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I believe that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities.

I believe that people are basically good and that problems can be solved using reason instead of religion.

I believe in human equality especially with respect to social, political, and economic affairs.

tldr: feminist, humanist, & egalitarian


Kyung Makes Bread


“It looks like store bought bread & tastes good with olive oil.” – KL

Here is the recipe from (The New Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day” by Jeff Hertzberg, M.D., Zoe Francois).
And here is the recipe from the book.
European Peasant Bread
Water – 3 cups Lukewarm water (100f or bel0w)
Granulated yeast – 1 tablespoon
Kosher salt – 1 to 1 1/2 tablesppns
Rye flour – 1/2 cup (I substituted with flour)
Whole wheat flour – 1/2 cup (I substituted with vital wheat gluten)
All-purpose flour – 5 1/2 cups
1. Mix the yeast and salt with the water in a 6-qual bowl or a lidded (not airtight) food container/bowl
2. Mix in the remaining ingredients without kneading, using a spoon or a heavy-duty stand mixer (with paddle).  If you’re not using a machine, you may need to use wet hands to incorporate the last bit of flour.
3. Cover (not airtight) and allow to rest at room temperature until the dough rises and collapses (or flattens on top), approximately 2 hours.
4. The dough can be used immediately after the initial rise, though it is easier to handle when cold.  Refrigerate the container of dough and use over the next 14 days.
(I used it right away.  What you saw in the picture is 6 cups of flour bread)
5. Baking: dust the surface of the refrigerated dough with flour and cut off a 1-pound (grapefruit-size) piece. Dust with more flour and quickly shape it into a ball by stretching the surface of the dough around to the bottom on all flour sides, rotating the ball a quarter-turn as you go.  Allow to rest and rise on a pizza peel prepared with cornmeal or parchment paper for 40 minutes
6. Preheat a baking stone near the middle of the oven to 450f for 20 to 30 min, with an empty metal broiler tray on any shelf that won[’t interfere with rising bread.
7. Sprinkle liberally with flour and slash the top, and 1/2 inch deep, using a serrated bread knife
8. Slide the leaf directly onto the host stone. Pour 1 cup of hot water into the broiler try and quickly close the oven door. Bake for about 35 min or until richly browned and firm. Depends on the size of loaves will require adjustments in resting and baking time.
(Elaborating #7 – Water sprayer: spray the load with water before closing the oven door, then open it at thirty second intervals for two more sprays)
I use a La Cloche or iron pot.  Using these allows the bread to bake evenly.
I bake it with the lid closed for about 20 – 30 min, and another 20 min without the lid.
– KL

Global Game Jam 2015

The Game Development Club at SJSU is proud to host Global Game Jam 2015 on SJSU campus.

This 48 hour game jam has yielded games that have been crowd funded and otherwise published as well as games that have won awards at IndieCade and other festivals.

Game Dev always welcomes everyone, and even if this is your first game jam or even your first game we believe you have something to contribute and welcome you. Last year we had a bunch of great games that went on to be presented at Rockage, so we plan to do the same thing this year.

What will the theme be? Well that we won’t know until Friday Jan 23, but until then you can familiarize yourself with your favorite game engine or look over our arcade control scheme:

To participate:

1) Make an account at the Global Game Jam Site:

2) Join the SJSU Jam Site:

3) Join the Facebook event and introduce yourself:

Start a conversation and help us get to know you, it will be easier to get into a group this way, but it is not necessary.

4) Come to the first Game Dev meeting of the semester on Thursday Jan 22 at 7pm in the Mezzanine of the Library (right above the children’s section.)  Meet more people!

5) Come to Global Game Jam prepared.  The pre-jam starts at 430 in WSQ 109, we will be doing icebreakers and finding out what skills we have and what we like to play and want to make. If you are new, check out this video which sums up what you should be thinking:

6) Have Fun.  Fail Faster. Remember to hydrate, sleep and personal hygiene.

7) Feedback feedback feedback.  Help us make our events better, we shall be posting a before and after survey that should be pretty easy and fun and will help us make more awesome events in the future.

8) For a nice overview of the process take a look at this slide-set:

Signing up sooner guarantees you a spot, we are going to limit participation on site so that everyone has room to work, but teams working offsite that come for the kickoff and the followup are also welcome.  Everyone is welcome!


calidriscadreLocal sponsors: and

A thing for The Scottish Play

My passion for the theater and for Shakespeare in particular has ebbed and flowed over the years.  For as long as I can remember now, I have loved seeing the plays live (particularly the comedies) and loved being in a space where a live performance re-interprets 400 year old words in a different language in a way that really speaks to me. To that end it is usually the performers and the direction that make the works not only intelligible but also come alive.

These two projects use different media to express various aspects of the intersection of technology and this centuries old story.


The $Name is a reference to a computer variable which holds the name of a character. The character is the avatar of the player in a super hero game called City of Heros. This represents the variability of contemporary stories that exist for players through the first person perspective of their avatars.  The story was transcoded into the game space through an innovative tool known as the Mission Architect.  This then lets any player experience the story.  What plays out in the video is four players, three heroes and a villain. The video is synced up so that important events (the locating of Banquo) happen at the same time in all frames.  Sadly, part 2 is lost and the environment has shut down.

Macbeth SV

This video is a response to an observation about the use of cellphones in public.  I laughed and joked that people could be plotting heinous crimes and no one would take notice. This was many years ago and our use of cell phones has changed with the penetration of the web and SMS.

Four “characters” make their way across the city of San Jose as they carry out their machinations of ambition, power and deceit in the capital of Silicon Valley. Shot in one take over cell phones (hence the terrible audio) the remaining low resolution document oddly aligns with the quality of the audio.

This is an extension and an expansion on an earlier post that also reposts the video for Macbeth SV.  Note that Vimeo unceremoniously blocked and deleted my account because I was shooting machinima of classes inside of gamespaces and it looked too much like game footage for them to consider it anything but.