A thing for The Scottish Play

My passion for the theater and for Shakespeare in particular has ebbed and flowed over the years.  For as long as I can remember now, I have loved seeing the plays live (particularly the comedies) and loved being in a space where a live performance re-interprets 400 year old words in a different language in a way that really speaks to me. To that end it is usually the performers and the direction that make the works not only intelligible but also come alive.

These two projects use different media to express various aspects of the intersection of technology and this centuries old story.


The $Name is a reference to a computer variable which holds the name of a character. The character is the avatar of the player in a super hero game called City of Heros. This represents the variability of contemporary stories that exist for players through the first person perspective of their avatars.  The story was transcoded into the game space through an innovative tool known as the Mission Architect.  This then lets any player experience the story.  What plays out in the video is four players, three heroes and a villain. The video is synced up so that important events (the locating of Banquo) happen at the same time in all frames.  Sadly, part 2 is lost and the environment has shut down.

Macbeth SV

This video is a response to an observation about the use of cellphones in public.  I laughed and joked that people could be plotting heinous crimes and no one would take notice. This was many years ago and our use of cell phones has changed with the penetration of the web and SMS.

Four “characters” make their way across the city of San Jose as they carry out their machinations of ambition, power and deceit in the capital of Silicon Valley. Shot in one take over cell phones (hence the terrible audio) the remaining low resolution document oddly aligns with the quality of the audio.

This is an extension and an expansion on an earlier post that also reposts the video for Macbeth SV.  Note that Vimeo unceremoniously blocked and deleted my account because I was shooting machinima of classes inside of gamespaces and it looked too much like game footage for them to consider it anything but.