SJSU Student Call: Development Group for Privacy, Literacy

Thursday Feb 26 from 7:15 to 8:30 pm, we shall be interviewing SJSU Students  to create a prototype.

(Privacy Literacy Tool- Game Dev Ad)

There is a small honorarium/stipend for this but more importantly it is an opportunity to be part of an interdisciplinary team working on a game-based project for a real client.  There is also the possibility that this will get some national recognition and be fully implemented.

What you should do if you are interested:

Sign up on Facebook, we shall interview people for different roles in a first come first served basis.  Roles will be listed below.

Bring a copy of your resume/cv.  Make sure this lists projects that you have done with links to either video or playable versions (preferred).

Prepare a very short demo (no more than 3 minutes). This should be something you worked on and you should be ready to talk over top of the demo about what you specifically did. You will probably only have time to show one thing.

Roles we shall be interviewing for:

Lead Programmer: Knowledge of HTML/CSS/JavaScript, Drupal or WordPress integration is a plus though not necessary.

Lead Artist: Web formats or video experience would be a plus, but are not required. Please mention any video editing, animation, motion graphics or similar work.

Producer: What projects have you completed? How did you manage them?

Game Designer: What games have you worked on?

General advice: having the skills does not guarantee anything, willingness and ability to learn are as important if not more important here.  Do not worry about being exact, we understand that as student developers this may become a learning experience.

We will probably not interview from one entire category, but will try to follow the order of signup as closely as possible.  That is to say if the first 5 people to sign up are artists we will likely collect the resumes, interview a few and move on to programmers.  This is because we need a balanced team.  If you are applying for more than one role, please state that.