Silicon Valley Pride Festival (now with games)

Game Dev and ggSJ has been doing more public service and community oriented events recently. Matt and Phillip of GX3 hosted us for Silicon Valley Pride. This was one of the best festivals we have done, the Button Mashers brought Nidhogg, Mario Cart and Super Smash among others, Rockage had the classic consoles that were oohed and ahhed over and played almost constantly during the festival, and the Game Development Club brought our games and the Winnitron SJ. In addition Matt and Philip brought out a demo of Read Only Memories, a cyberpunk point and click.

We played a lot of games!

Everybody plays game.

This was such a good experience, the audience was amazing, and as always a hugely diverse group played our games. My favorite was the rainbow unicorn playing fairy invasion…

Thanks to everyone who helped, Erin, Antonio, Kelsey, Teresa, Daniel, Freddy, Jose, Ellen & anyone else I may have missed. It was a pleasure working with you.