Community Conversation on Gun Culture Tonight

So if we have talked recently it has probably been about or around guns and I have undoubtedly mentioned this event:

Which is tonight, Friday Oct 23 @7pm at Works San Jose, 365 S Market St, in San Jose.

community conversation

I don’t know if it is possible to “make progress” on this issue, frankly I think that means something different to everyone who I have talked to. I do think that we can make the decision to work together and reduce gun violence, but the problem is not simple and the answer is not to point the finger on social media. To start with, we have to actually talk to each other, and more importantly LISTEN. Everyone, gun control advocates, gun enthusiasts, law enforcement, everyone seems to be reasonable on this. If we decide to make change, then we can make change, but our house is divided on this, and big sweeping changes will have to be made from the ground up. We need to start with ourselves, with the people. We need to realize that “the other side” are our neighbors, and we do in fact agree on some basic facts.

If you are able, please come to the event and lend your voice to the conversation. I hope you hear what the other side has to say and come to the the same revelations that I did.