Félix Curto at Domus Artum 2002

I rarely write about art mostly because it has that flavor of an art history assignment from grad school, but I was in Salamanca for the ICCC and felt I really needed to get some contemporary art. I had muddled around in Madrid and my Google Fu was off so I left mostly empty handed, but hungry.

My first night in Salamanca I stumbled into the Tres Acordes Fest being held at the contemporary art museum and I was blown away. The music was great, a mix of sca, rap and other styles, but the artists were tight and the crowd was local. The beer was tasty too.

I was a little concerned that the Feast of St John would get in the way of visiting the museum http://domusartium2002.com/ the next day but I was wrong. The museum has a wonderful exhibit space that looks like a former prison, and whereas the vibe from the prison is chilling, it works oddly well for a contemporary art museum.

There were three artists on exhibit when I visited but I am going to focus on one of them. Félix Curto. Coming into the exhibit with no knowledge of the space or the artist served me, and I rode an amazing arc from the usual “WTF” that I often feel with contemporary art to open astonishment after Curto showed a deft mastering of medium after medium. Curto’s persistence with media and message about the west of America and the people that they encountered there is overwhelming.

After experiencing the huge volume of image collections and collections of images and into photography and then marking objects (including a car) I am blown away. In the end I loved this exhibit, and recommended it to the other attendees. The DA2 is an amazing space for having put on such an ambitious and delightful exhibit.