MakerFaire 2017

MakerFaire this year was a blast as always. We returned to our usual place in the dark fiesta hall, and ended up with a neighbor from CSUEB! Overall SJSU CADRE made a great showing with classics such as the Lite Wall and the Game Dev at SJSU arcade cabinets with fresh new games debuting, the Winnitrondrian in a slick new bright whiter whites, and great digital projects like the Taco maker.

The Crew at teardown on Sunday.

with more steve and tom our sign chillin’ during the show lots of small people this year, playing the winnitrondrian

and dropped by Andrew Ajemian


New Arcade Record Prismic Shift 3.7 Billion


And a little vanity.

Igor came in early, relearned the game with a controller and we talked about the mechanics. When the designer showed up we talked about scoring and he continued to play. Rotating among the four arcade cabinets throughout the evening Igor smashed record after record and I asked him to take up the coin-op cabinet that has been at so many events. By the end of the evening, his last qualifying run had netted the top position and a new arcade cabinet record 3.7 billion. This beat Andrews record from California Extreme that had stood since mid July.

Congrats Igor on a well earned victory.

As a side note, I would say that this speaks volumes to the quality of the game that it can be mastered and even though the graphics are simple that it holds the interest of competitive gamers.

Arcade Stats from AFK openings


The Game Dev Club volunteered an arcade cabinet to help flesh out the gaming options at the AFK openings.

We sent our brand new cabinet, lovingly referred to as “Coin-Op” and “Flagship” and it got a good amount of play.  There were some serious learning to be had regarding leaving the cabinet unattended.

We moved in for the first of the soft openings on March 26 and brought the machine back on April 21.  It lived on site almost a whole month and got some good play. One of the issues we had to deal with was the startup / shutdown sequence and trouble shooting. Davain Martinez took the lead on much of this as he was working at AFK but even his heroic efforts were not enough. We know that if we want to have a stand alone cabinet in public, it needs to be simpler to startup/shutdown and needs to be bulletproof, that is to say that it needs to be able to recover from its errors and to test to see if it is running properly and fix itself.

No small task.

Anyhow, here are the stats from the AFK openings, they are not terribly reliable especially since people have a tendency to walk away from a game, I think Laser Cat benefitted from this in terms of time played, but this does not effect number of plays (note the image should link to stats :

Screenshot 2015-04-24 14.56.45

Screenshot 2015-04-24 16.13.58

the spreadsheet is here: DSCF7243


This is the cabinet shortly after installation, note the impromptu power cord.

Cab at AFK


And in context of the space, it fits nicely and looks beautiful.

DSCF7323This is the last play session before we moved it out, much enthusiasm!