Do you have a problem that might be solved by a game?

I am looking for experts(relative experts welcome) to work with a development team to create a game prototype to further their research or to help solve a problem. I am leading a summer course and have one or two slots remaining to work with student developers as part of the CSU Summer Arts Game Development Studio.

What does this mean?

I would ask you to come to Fresno on Tuesday June 27 (I can pay a small stipend to cover mileage and a hotel room) and work with a development team to create a paper prototype. We have found that paper prototypes can be very expressive and surface key systems. Provide your expertise and help the development team understand your priorities for the prototype.

Be available via Skype to communicate with your team about the problem and how the solution can be used, advise the team on tasks as digital development proceeds.

Get the prototype at the end.

This is not something to be commercially monetized (without your teams permission of course), but something to further your research, non-profit work or work within an educational context.

The risk is that it will take some of your time and attention, you may not get what you expect out of it, the the reward is that you will have a chance to work with some bright developers on a prototype that could enhance your work.

If you are interested send an email to and include a basic overview of your problem (or message me), let me know your availability on June 27 and we can go from here. Needless to say, time is short.

Feel free to reach out if this is not a perfect fit, I am looking for the most interesting problems to challenge us.

Prototype One – Ticket to Werewolf


I started out my trip with some awesome friends in western Mass and some prototyping. Emily Boss Care and Epidiah Ravachol met me in Boston and we drove to Greenfield, the trip just flew by as we talked and talked. I had ulterior motives though as I had a vexing problem with a game I just could not quite start, the premise / problem is thus:

Create a game that can be played with an event ticket, the game should help people break the ice and give them a reason to continue to play with others throughout the even.

We started playing with some props I brought and ended up with a few rounds of liars poker (with $2 bills), a fun game that is usually played for the money, but I figure that every ticket can have a unique (though not necessarily unique) serial number.


We kept going and played a little 3 player “are you a werewolf” and followed that up with some rock-paper-scissors.

We added a little twist to the game which put one werewolf and 2 villagers and said that the werewolf was permitted to cheat in liars poker, and added an rps symbol to the ticket that enabled the player to “change their choice” after play.

This became kind of interesting, but we realized that there should be a way to reveal portions of the information to other players to “prove” your results.

An interesting aspect emerged that if a player did really well on liars poker, they were immediately suspected of being a werewolf.


To add a social element and make the players seek out new players, we added a kind of experience points that let the players change roles as they gained them.

The biggest innovation was an overlapping tri-fold that kept some info secret while revealing others. This could facilitate the whole game.

Playing the ELD game days later I realize the greatest challenge is going to be finding the right audience that will play, but our little prototype is pretty good. I just need to find a dozen or fifty people to test it on.

If I see you this summer, we should play…