This brightened my day

I try to remain reserved about things that happen in my life, I hope it isn’t to much to say that I am just delighted to have made a small contribution to this award winning paper:

and if you are interested feel free to read the paper here:

I am honored and pleased to have worked with Dr John Murray and Prof Rikke Nørdgård.


Museum Game Jam

Zachary and I are hosting an open game jam at the Sonoma Museum of art on June 4. The jam is to honor Joseph Delappe’s retrospective and to think closely about the issues and the art. Open to all, free with museum admission.

Sunday, JUNE 4, 1-5pm
Games are fun to play and even more fun to make! 
 SVMA is hosting a Game Jam around the exhibition Memory and  Resistance: The Work of Joseph DeLappe. A game jam is like
 a musical jam where people come together to get inspired and  collaborate on creating new ways to experience the museum!
 At this jam, open to people of all ages and abilities, 
 we’ll be designing and making boardgame prototypes.    
 Game Jam Leaders
 James Morgan is a new media artist and director of Ars Virtua. He  teaches at the CADRE Laboratory for New Media at San Jose State  University.
 Zachary Daulton is an instructional program specialist at Gavilan  College. His work has been shown and driven by the maker  community at various Bay Area festivals and conventions.

Genuine Windows Experience

So the licensing on the arcade cabinets needed to make contact with their licensing server. So how does the OS notify me? By disrupting the function of the cabs and accusing me of piracy.

Holy crap, it knows it had a legit license last week but not anymore so it starts throwing these errors.


It is important to use genuine Microsoft software, sure I was doing so, but this time the genuine experience is one of hauling the machines around to connect them with their license server. Don’t use these licenses offline…

img_20161103_134828 I’m astonished, my students are telling me to just use a pirated version of the OS, well, then the experience would be better, wouldn’t it? Well, I’m honest and I want to do it right so here I am hauling my machines back to my office be berated as a pirate, to connect with the license server, and guess what else waits for me?

An ad, yep, this is the genuine Windows experience.

What kind of idiot are you?


National Novel Writing Month is my poison for November, and I expect it to take a good chunk of time. I was able to start with my sister in town and make the bare minimum of the first day (why am I putting words here when they could easily be word count).

My plan is to get the story for the opera (I’ll explain this later) sketched out and it may well end up being less than 50000 words, but hey I don’t care. My sisters and mom are all playing Nano this year so I am going to play along as long as I can or until I am satisfied that I have some decent story.

What is the story? Well, it is tentatively called “A Fishmonger’s Tail” and is the story of a family of Minotaur who are slowly being brought back into the politics and adventure of the world after a break to raise a family. It is a modern tail of adjustment and love that includes epic battles and humanlike emotion.

I am so jealous and envious of these 185 words too.