New Software and New Projects

In an attempt to become more organized I have recently downloaded some software. So here are a few comments in no particular order:


cocoalicious – I have struggled with delicious for a long time, it has become a bit of a golden hole for me. That sounds odd and perhaps a little dirty too. But I realized that I put a lot of great links into it, but every time, almost without fail, when I went to find something that I knew was there I could not. Worse than that I could not figure out how it was searching and how I kept coming up with suggestions of other peoples links instead of mine. I have literally five and a half years worth of bookmarks and though I do realize I have probably hit the expiration date on many of them, this app does one which is pretty awesome. It allows spotlight to find the individual bookmarks as well. Huzzah! I actually found an old book mark looking for something on my computer. This free app that uses the delicious api has connected me to the other end of delicious and I am finding those things I stored away so long ago.


MacJournal – writing is always a struggle and distraction and eye strain from staring at a light bulb for hours on end has not helped at all. Ali had turned me on to something that was sort of cool but the 30 day trial ran out before I got back to it. This all makes me wonder why didn’t they do a certain number of uses? No matter, MacHeist Nano or Pedo or whatever to the rescue. I grabbed MacJournal because of the outrageous claims that it made and frankly I am pretty damn impressed. I am struggling to dial in the connection to Open Office and Google docs but it is really pretty darn comfortable to work in (and I am now blogging in : – )

Oh and it will post to my blog automagically, so I am in business.

Free Software – I found the first piece of software on though I do not recall what it was that I was looking for originally, I am totally impressed with the list and will be picking through it in more detail shortly. What I need now is a good budgeting and financial tracking system.

Google Forms – I have managed to do some good work in the cloud with surveys and google forms, but it always felt like it was missing something. I plan to do expense tracking that I can then manipulate a bit here. I have a couple of checking in forms that seem to work at least as well as foursquare is working for me on the web.