Minecraft Presentation & Dressage

I am scheduled to do a brief lecture on Minecraft from the perspective of a curator and artist.  The presentation starts at 7pm Pacific time on Friday the 13th of June. I hope to cover some of the interesting things that can happen, and have happened in the space leading up to the performance by the Diamond Boots Ensemble.

This is part of the West Coast Premier of the MineOpticon II, a Minecraft performance group that has been active on our server for a little over a year.

The live venue is in San Francisco: DOGPATCH CAFE 2295 3RD STREET (AT 20TH) SAN FRANCISCO  with a satellite in Vancouver at SHACK(ART)COLLECTIVE, 4364 PRINCE ALBERT ST, VANCOUVER (alley entrance only) .

Dressage use to be a sport for the rich, but doing it in a virtual space changes things drastically and even better to do it in Minecraft adds an edge of the weird which I find compelling.

Mineopticon Flyer

Friday June 13, 2014 from 7-10 pm in SF and Vancouver.

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